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Few people would deny that smoking is bad for your health. All the evidence says that smoking leads to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer.


Unfortunately, may people also find it very hard to stop smoking.



A few of the problems with smoking

○ Increased risk of heart disease

○ Increased risk of lung cancer

○ Poor circulation - possibly leading to amputation

○ Reduced fertility

○ Increased chance that your children will suffer from asthma and glue ear



Other reasons to give up

○ Smoking is expensive

○ Other people can be affected by the secondhand smoke (passive smoking)

○ Leads to wrinkles and nicotine stains



What to do if you want to give up


The health service is very keen for you to stop smoking. They offer lots of support to help you quit. The Practice Nurse at your local GP surgery should be able to support you to find the best way of stopping. There are now support groups and counselling sessions offered. The NHS Stop Smoking Services have received guidance on supporting Deaf and hard of hearing people. - NHS site dedicated to quitting.

NHS Smoking Helpline - send text 'GIVE UP' and full postcode to 88088. You will then receive information on local services.

QUIT - practical advice for people who want to stop smoking.