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Mental health

When we think of 'health', most of us think of our bodies. We are used to thinking of ourselves as being healthy. We are know what it means to be unwell - maybe a bit of a cold, the flu, or a broken arm. We can think of our 'mental health' in the same way. But people rarely do. There is so much fear about mental health that many people do not like to even think about it.


This stigma is part of the problem. It is okay to say, "I feel like I've got a bit of a cough". But few people would openly say, "I feel a bit down today."


This fear and stigma is just as common among deaf people. Deaf and hearing people are often not aware of basic mental health information. The information provided here covers specific aspects of mental health. Providing this in BSL is probably a first. Information about schizophrenia and depression has never been made so freely available in BSL. We hope that this will start to breakdown the stigma and help more deaf people understand their mental health.




Young people — factsheets

The Royal College of Psychiatrists produces Factsheets with useful information about young people and mental health. They have worked with South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust, and, to translate some of these factsheets into BSL.

Clicking on the links below should display the relevants clip. If you have a problem playing the clips, then go to the Royal College's website.