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Health and wellbeing

A number of Deaf organisations have been involved in a health promotion project for the past two years. Led by the deaf mental health charity, Sign, it has found that a lot of deaf people have missed common health promotion messages.


Many people will be familiar with the campaign for us to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day. This is just one example of a campaign that has missed many deaf people. Without access to messages on the TV and radio, they are not even aware that there is a healthy eating campaign. While Jamie Oliver gets stuck into school dinners, many deaf people have no idea what makes a 'balanced' diet. Basic information is missed by a large number of deaf people.


The health promotion project found that this was particularly the case with deaf people that were excluded or disadvantaged, e.g. experienced mental health problems or were unemployed.


This section of the website looks at some of the information on health and wellbeing. It is hoped that deaf people will, for the first time, get direct access to information that can improve their wellbeing.

If you know of more information that may be useful, then please do let us know.