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Specialist health services (adults) - private sector

In addition to the NHS specialist hospitals, there are also two private organisations that offer services to deaf people experiencing mental distress. These units fill a gap in NHS provision. Because there are not enough NHS places for patients to go, these private hospitals offer places. Although they are privately owned, they are normally used as if they were NHS units. Doctors and other people refer patients to them just as they would an NHS unit.


Alpha Hospitals

Based in Bury, Lancashire, Alpha offer both male and female medium secure units. There is also a low secure service for men. The hospital admits people who have come through the criminal justice system, and those with challenging behaviour. The low secure service offers the chance for a step down and return to the community.


Admission details are available from the website.


Whitepost Health Care

Based in Redhill, Surrey, as part of a wider health care facility. Whitepost can offer support to seven deaf people with long-term mental illness.


St. George's Healthcare Group
Based in Warrington, St. George's provide services along the care pathway - from medium secure to community provision. The multi-disciplinary team uses gognitive rehabilitation programmes, among other interventions.