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Voluntary sector reports

There have been a number of important reports that have involved the voluntary sector. The reports have either been written by voluntary sector organisations, or the voluntary sector has been very involved in their creation.


The following are some of the more important reports. Most of them make recommendations for improvements. Unfortunately, this is normally considered 'best practice' rather than being compulsory.



Mental Health Charter

Jointly published by the Mental Health Foundation and Sign. Click here for more details.


A Simple Cure

An RNID study looking at access to healthcare. The report highlights the many barriers faced by deaf patients. It also reveals the huge cost to the health service of not addressing these access issues. Download Acrobat


Reaching Deaf Minds in the Workplace

This important piece of research looked at the experiences of deaf people at work. Although the people studied worked in different settings, there were commons themes. The study highlights what an affect such experiences can have on individuals. It also demonstrates what a waste of potential there is because of poor management. Download Acrobat


Reaching Deaf minds in the Workplace: guidance

Following on from the research, a booklet was published giving employers simple guidance on employing deaf people. The booklet shows that often simple steps, that do not cost anything, can make a big different for both the employer and employee. Download Acrobat


Mental health services for Deaf people in Wales

There are no mental health services for Deaf people in Wales. This report, published in 2006, described the picture in Wales and recommended a model for developing a new Welsh service. Despite widespread support from the voluntary sector, local authorities and health staff, the report was dismissed by the Welsh Health Minister. Download Acrobat icon


Mental health services in Birmingham and the Black Country

PCTs in Birmingham and the Black Country pooled funding to commission a report into mental health services for Deaf people in the area. The report was written by Sign and BID, and involved input from local Deaf people.

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