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A Service on the Edge

This report from the Social Services Inspectorate looked at eight local authorities. It found that services for deaf people were below an acceptable standard.


Problems were found with the assessment of need and even with communication between professionals and the deaf client.


The report - published in 1997 - was designed to be used by service managers to develop their own services. Tools are provided to assess the level of a service, and recommendations are made on how improvements can be made. Examples of existing 'good practice' are highlighted. This report remains as valid today.


A full copy of the report can be downloaded here Acrobat



Stepping Away from the Edge

This booklet was published in 1999 as a follow-up to A Service on the Edge. It contains more guidance for professionals working with deaf people. The booklet was the result of the Social Services Inspectorate working with voluntary sector groups to suggest more 'good practice' that could be adopted by services in social care.