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The DDA and Education

Post-16 education
Colleges and universities are not allowed to treat disabled students less favourably than other students. They are now required to make “reasonable adjustments”, and provide auxiliary aids to students who need them. For instance, this might be a note-taker or a Communication Support Worker (CSW).


Pre-16 education
Schools cannot select or treat disabled students less favourably. In these cases, it is normally a parent who takes up any issue or complaint. Parents of D/deaf children have the right to demand equal treatment for their children. This may mean demanding the right kind of communication support in the classroom, such as communication support in British Sign Language from a Communication Support Worker or a BSL/English interpreter. Who is responsible for the fair treatment and making “reasonable adjustments” will depend on the type of school.


What to do if you feel you have been treated unfairly

It is often best to try and resolve the problem with the employer/business/college. If the organisation has someone responsible for Equality, then they should be far more aware of the problems and know how to find a solution.


If you need advice or more information then contact your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or the Disability Rights Commission:

DRC Helpline, Freepost MID 02164, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 9HY

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